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What should you expect?

Upon arriving at the hospital, you will be taken to a room where you will lay on a cot or stretcher. A technician or other professional will usually explain the procedure to you before beginning. Sometimes a gel is put on the area first, then the electrode attached. These look like round, rubber pads with electrical wires attached. They are placed in various positions on the torso, such as under the armpit and below the breastbone. An electrode is also placed on each leg and each arm. The electrical wires are attached to a machine which records your heartbeat on graph paper. Each heartbeat produces something called P-QRS-T waves. Each set of waves is analyzed and gives valuable information about your heart and how well it is working.

Other everyday items also can disrupt the signal between the sensors and the monitor. These items include magnets, metal detectors, microwave ovens, and electric blankets, toothbrushes, and razors. Avoid using these items. Also avoid areas with high voltage.

Cell phones and iPods may interfere with the signal if they’re too close to the monitor.

After the tests have been performed, the reports, graphs, charts and all are sent to your physician for review.