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What should you expect?

Implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) implantation surgery generally takes place in an operating room, cardiac catheterization, or electrophysiology (EP) laboratory. The room will be full of equipment and medical personnel. You will be asked to lie on a bed with safety straps placed over your legs. Your arms are secured at your sides, as it is important that the arms remain still during the procedure.

Your chest is then washed again and drapes are placed over the implant area. You will receive one or more shots of numbing medicine in your chest area. Because of the drapes, you won't see the shot. The doctor may touch the area and ask if you are losing sensation in your upper chest.

There are several methods of ICD implantation. The type of surgery you will undergo depends upon many factors, including prior surgeries and type of device. There are four main steps to any ICD implantation procedure.