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What should you expect?

On the day before your procedure, do not eat or drink after midnight.
  • Make sure your doctor is aware of all medications you are currently taking—both prescription and over the counter
  • If your doctor instructs you to take any medications, take them with a small amount of water
  • If you have allergies, make sure your doctor is aware—especially drug allergies
  • Make arrangements for a friend or familymember to drive you home.
You may receive medication through an IV to relax you. A small incision is made in the groin area, into which a catheter is inserted. A catheter is a thin tube that the doctor will slide through an artery. A dye is injected so that an angiography(X-rays) can be taken.

A small balloon is inserted through the catheter to the area of blockage. The balloon is inflated and deflated, while pressure is applied to the insertion site. This compresses the plaque which causes the blockage.

After your angioplasty, in the recovery area, pressure is applied to the area of blockage for approx. 15 minutes. You will need to lie still, keeping your leg straight for a few hours. You may go home the same day, or spend the night in the facility.